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San Bernardino Shooting Victims

Remembering the Lost: San Bernardino Terror

Remember the victims of the San Bernardino terrorist attack on Saturday By: Robert Lovingood Fourteen beautiful souls were taken from us and countless others were forever scarred on Dec. 2, 2015. Although two years have…

underwear bomber

Underwear Bomber Sues to Make Hard Time Easier

Underwear Bomber Sues to Make Hard Time Easier In the theater of the absurd, often the fool who cries the loudest gets the most attention. That appears to be the case with Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, better…

Brigitte Gabriel

Brigitte Gabriel: ‘Refugee Resettlement’

Brigitte Gabriel: ‘Refugee Resettlement’ is ‘About Supplying Cheap Labor’ at U.S. Taxpayer Expense via CNS News ACT for America President Brigitte Gabriel said certain U.S. industries seek to hire refugees instead of regular U.S. workers…

Hillarys America

Hillarys America 2016

CLICK THE START BUTTON TO WATCH – Hillary’s America If you want to download the Full Movie use this link below to download to your laptop or computer from MediaFire, it is 100% safe! To…


Armageddon by Dick Morris

Hillary is outraged over this explosive NY Times bestseller. This exposé of her is already #1 on Amazon — for all nonfiction books sold in the world! It has been written by one of her…

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